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Anguilla, Have It Your Way
Written by Anguilla   
Friday, 22 April 2011 02:53

For someone on the lookout for somewhere to quite do certainly nothing, Anguilla is the place to get under way and then work your way through the rest of the world as slowly as possible.

Fantastic food, served casually yet elegantly, to the accompaniment of full and flavorsome local music. Laid back and wonderful, Anguilla is straight out of the movies, sugary sand as white as baby powder, crystal clear blue water and all warmed by the Caribbean sunshine.

The restaurants are plentiful here, creatively staffed by some of the most talented chefs in the region. There are so many temples offoodto worship in, it would be impossible to sample the menus in all of them but you could sure have a great time trying.

Barefoot dining is an art form in this tiny little enclave, where the rich and the poor congenially and enthusiastically share the restaurants, the sand and the sea.

Part of the attraction of Anguilla is the idle and pampered lifestyle, perfected by the locals and enjoyed by loyal visitors who tend to return year after year.

The Dutch built a fort here once, in the seventeenth century but no one knows where it is so do not bother asking to visit it. The British then planted it with tobacco and then cotton and then sugar but nothing ever became a valuable or established export.

Nowadays, Anguilla elects a House of Assembly and its own representative for internal affairs, and a British governor is appointed to administrate public offices and the judiciary.

Anguillans traditionally earn their living from the sea, either in it, on it or renting stuff to other people who want to go on it, in it or under it. They do it very well and love it, so every encouragement should be shown them so they may continue doing it. They have a considerable advantage over the rest of the world in terms of basic essentials; sand, sea, pristine clear water and endless Caribbean sunshine.

The beaches are to die for, the best of which, in my humble opinion, is Barnes Bay, locally renowned for its excellent snorkeling and windsurfing. So much to see under the water, so much to do ashore, Anguilla is a holidaymaker's fantasy come to life.

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Josveek O. Huligar
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